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Posted by Peter Patricelli on 2010-09-27 23:50:14 in reply to Re: diy shooting heads posted by Steve P. on 2010-09-27 13:52:31

What pound test? Hmmm...I seem to remember something about 27#, but could be wrong. Unfortunately, I am away from home for a week and can't pull it out...but it was the commonly available stuff sold as lead trolling line with a plasticized woven covering over a lead core. I will post when I get back home.
Where used?? Let's see...Columbia River for sturgeon and shad. Cape Cod for stripers. Puget Sound for rockfish. Anywhere I really had to GET DOWN!
BTW - that stuff is a real motivational casting tool. Learn good technique or get DECAPITATED!
Peter Patricelli

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