Re: Cork Fly Rod Grips - Time to Accept Some Change?

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Posted by Henry Cowen on 2010-09-27 14:06:00 in reply to Cork Fly Rod Grips - Time to Accept Some Change? posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-26 15:34:07

Well I have read thru this entire post thoroughly and am more confused than ever. I am hearing that top quality cork is hard to find and that top quality cork can still easily be found (at a price). I know that before I ever picked up a fly rod I fished convential rods using both EVA grips and cork tape. Both are unacceptable in my opinion for a fly rod. The EVA foam gets slick and hard in the cold weather. The cork tape eventually loses its grip too. I think that for "value" priced rods like TFO I would easily accept a composite cork (like currently seen on some of their rods) as well as reconstituted cork. However, if I am spending $700 or higher on a top of the line Sage rod then I expect Sage to get that high quality cork (if indeed it is available) no matter what the price. Tell me that a high end manufacturers component cost price will rise by $25/rod for the BEST cork available and if I am paying $800+ for a TCX then I expect to see that quality on my rod (if they want to keep me as a loyal customer). That is just my take on it......The so-called "high end" rods better show the bang for the buck or I may strictly be fishing TFO's shortly!

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