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Posted by Marcus S on 2010-09-27 13:03:30 in reply to Striperfest 2010 Raffle List Update posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-26 22:46:56

Every year we raise money for Striper Conservation, and it’s been put to great use – but this year we have a specific need of urgent and critical importance!!

We are raising funds this year primarily to fight the Striper Eradication lawsuit!! If “they” win – they will use this precedent to go after other “non-native predators”, specifically Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass!! This is their stated goal and they have already spent millions with hotshot law firms to try and destroy our delta fishery!

This is a textbook case of corrupt private interest pushing an agenda of greed onto the unsuspecting public! We must fight these crooks! We cannot allow them to beat us here, or future battles will be impossible to win!

This isn’t about how real we feel that the risk is – the stakes are so high that even if we feel it is nearly impossible for them to win (their arguments are clearly ludicrous) , it is still absolutely critical we still make the effort now to protect ourselves and our fishery. This is no different than natural disaster insurance, life insurance, etc…. yeah we may never use it, but the stakes are so high we buy it anyway.

That is the theme of this year’s Striperfest and Raffle in a nutshell – we are collecting a war chest to help make the stand against these villains, and even though it is INSANE what we are dealing with, we MUST FIGHT IT ANYWAY because to have striped bass, and subsequently largemouth bass, de-listed as sport fish without any DFG management or protections, will likely mean the end of the California Striper Fishery as we know it. And even if you don’t believe that, it’s too risky to not take action!

PLEASE buy as many tickets as you can afford, and maybe a few extra, this is an important investment in not only our own recreational angling opportunities, but those of our children and grand children

I would like to see many new offsite participants this year, please!! We need to grow the event by double this year to raise the money we need!!

You may purchase tickets for offsite participation by mailing a check to my address (email me to get the address). I will personally write your name on every ticket you purchase, so that we’ll know you won and put your prize aside. We added the $1,000 tier last year based on the response to the $500 tier, so we’re going to try it again!!

$20 - single ticket
$100 - 6 tickets
$200 - 15 tickets
$500 - 40 tickets
$1000 – 100 tickets

Tickets are also available for sale by check or cash at the California Fly Shop.

And buy one of Sellers' fancy shirts also!!

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