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Posted by Steve P. on 2010-09-27 09:27:32 in reply to diy shooting heads posted by Kitb on 2010-09-26 23:25:15

yeah, Kit - better to stick with Rio T8, T11, T14, T17, or Cortland LC13
(numbers are grains per foot) - just use the number of feet that gives
the grain total required for your rod weight keeping in mind that
higher grain weights in this series sink a bit faster (T8 - 7 inches per sec,
T11 - 8 inches per sec, T14 - 9 inches per sec).

GES on this board has played with the trolling lead core for
what he calls leadcore lite heads. I tried 27 lb test in the surf and
it went fine, though pretty noisy going through the guides, until I had
my first small tangle. This trolling stuff kinks easily instead of
straightening like the Rio and Cortland products and when that happens it is
a nightmare...unfishable in my brief experience for active casting scenarios.

Steve P.

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