Re: Cork Fly Rod Grips - Time to Accept Some Change?

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Posted by Jim Jenkins on 2010-09-26 17:23:23 in reply to Cork Fly Rod Grips - Time to Accept Some Change? posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-26 15:34:07

Well, I guess I’m pretty liberal when it comes to materials. I’ll fly fish with what is available and lean towards personal preferences in materials. That said, there will always be the strict traditionalist market, and more power to them. I understand the appeal of tradition and limiting ones endeavors to very strict criteria of methods and tools to pursue fish. These are the bamboo, cork and metal rod an aficionados with silk lines and gut leaders. Fantastic and I love seeing it done this way.
I, personally, am happy to try lots of different things.

I think there is a real market for non-traditional grip materials just as rod materials have changed (although bamboo and glass are seeing a resurgence for many applications and angler tastes).

The cool thing about reconstituted and composite cork is that it would allow the rod maker to customize the grip, placing the more durable rubber/cork composite in the high wear area of the thumb and the lighter reconstituted cork in lower wear areas of the grip.

Also, from a purely esthetic point of view, the composites and reconstituted corks, as well as EVA foam, can be colored. Why not give the rod builder or buyer the choice of grip colors as they get for blank and wrap colors?

The bottom line, go for it with different grip materials.

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