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Posted by Ted Krishisky on 2010-09-25 23:57:36

Mag Bay Fishing Reports
Below are four separate recent Mag Bay fishing reports ;the names of the fishermen and outfitters have all been redacted.I’m listing them here because at least 10 of us,all fly fishermen,are going to Mag Bay on Nov.5th for one week of fishing aboard a mother ship pulling 9 pangas behind her,costing us only $1350 for the week and are very interested about recent Mag BaY fishing reports.Details of the trip can be found in Dan’s archives dated 2010-06-08 entitled.Mag Bay Fishing Opportunity.Would you like to catch a hoo or striped marlin on a fly?If yes,come join us by calling me,Ted Krishisky,on 509 378 9400 and I’ll get you signed up.

9/25/10 Mag Bay Hoos. Greg from Loreto along with Baldazar and Heraldo from Los Angles scored on the first day fishing
5 wahoo largest 85 lbs 4 dorado to
40 lbs and limits of yellowfin tuna. They will be back on the spot tomorrow as
they were bit off several times.

9/25/10 I picked up three hoos along with various and sundry football yellowfin and dorado. I also got broken off more than any day I can remember. New line tomorrow.
I ran into Ruben back in the estero. Here's a pic he took of one of mine. They are getting bigger......

9/25/10 Rody and the clients will be back tomorrow same spot. Did you see the big hoo they got? Sergio said 85. They had a total of 5 wahoo and lots broken off like you did. Could it be another wahoo year like last year? Bob
9/16/2010 Looks like a normal Mag year. Plenty of sardines Marlin Tuna and Wahoo.
Francisco caught 2 wahoo 1 marlin and limits of tuna fishing from the camp

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