What a day on the Delta today!!!

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Posted by Angel on 2010-09-24 21:22:47

All I know is If I never fish for stripers again today was the perfect striper day for me ever!! I started out fishing a demo Orvis Helios that fished great with LC-13.I caught a fish(No ideas what it is) that weighted 5lbs on the Boga. After that it was off to the races with a good morning of busting fish.As the slacktide kicked in the fishing became shakers and it was time to move. I started trying some old haunts and found the fish again with a 10lb opener! After that the average was between 4-6 and no shakers which is next to impossible!! I ended up the day with one last cast that picked up an 8lber and called it a day. AWSOME!!!

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