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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-24 21:19:00

It's Delta time again for me. I know lots of folks have been fishing it for a few weeks now and doing quite well from the reports I've been reading.
I drove up Tuesday and set up my trailer at the Sugar Barge RV Resort in my usual space #20 on "Angler's Row". They `Barge folks already had placed my trailer on my spot.
After launching and putting my skiff in my wet slip and set up the trailer and was relieved to find that everything worked after sitting in dry storage since the end of April. There were only a few spiders and they were small.
I got a late start Wednesday morning but still managed around 25 or so small fish with only about a half dozen legal size fish to hand - nothing over 4 pounds.
Today, Friday, I was on the water by 9:30, last couple hours of the falling tide, perfect for where I wanted to fish. There was a ton of fish there, biting well but again, small. I fished a fairly big fly, a 2/0 FT Clouser and a 2/0 Keel-weighted Jig Hook Sea Habit, hoping to discourage the light weights and encourage the middle to heavy weights. Well, there just weren't any decent fish eating that I could find.
I fished mostly around the `Track sloughs, on the SJ from Old River Flats to 7-mile and southeast to Mildred. I found action most places I tried. Oh, I did see one 10-pounder caught by a live minnow angler, which of course never saw the water again...
Still it was a gorgeous two days of fishing solo that I thoroughly enjoyed. It's always fun to explore to check out the Delta changes. Each year things do change, sometimes for the better, most often for the worst. Franks Tract, for example is almost totally weeded-in. I didn't even try running across it at mid-low tide.
I fished a Redington CPX 8-weight, lined with 28-feet of T-14 the last two days and I really enjoyed the rod. It's light, powerful and crisp but it feels like an 8-weight should in the hand. I'd rate it (with a sinking line) as good as any rod I've fished.
Anyhow, it's great to be back on "Home Water" again and I'm really looking forward to another great season on the Delta.
See you on the water; and hopefully at Striperfest.

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