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Posted by Dennis Estrada on 2010-09-24 11:49:48 in reply to Spey Rods, Advice for beginner posted by Jack Mason on 2010-09-23 23:02:18

Hi Jack,
As for rods to start out with, get the rod that you will feel that will match most of the fishing conditions that you will face. For most of Northern California and Southern Oregon, a 12.5' 6 weight will cover your needs. It throws Scandi and lighter Skagit rigs well. If you are going to dredge a heavy fly on T-14, go with a 13' or 13.5' 7 weight.

For lines, Skagit is the easiest to learn with, but starting out Scandi might be another option. A Scandi head is longer than a Skagit head by 8' to 10' feet. The "touch, splash, go" technique is different than the sustained anchor technique, but the setup moves are still the same. I've learned that transitioning from a longer head to a shorter one is easier than going from shorter head to a longer one.

Have fun with the Spey thing. It's the only way I fish for Steelhead now.


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