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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-09-23 18:40:27

This year we have arranged for two special shirts IN ADDITION to our regular T-shirts. For those of you who have expressed an interest in a technical fishing shirt, this is your chance!! Simms will print for us this years design on two of their fishing shirts. One is their very popular Solar Flex shirt (link below) and the other is their ever popular Blue Water shirt (also linked below). These shirts will be offered at standard retail. There is no extra cost to you for the printing, you pay exactly what you'd pay for the shirt off the rack at your finer fishing retailers!!!! What a deal, and Stiperfest still makes a few bucks. How can you resist?

Is there a catch? There's always a catch. This will be a "no go" if we can not meet a minimum order of 24 shirts total. So it's time for those who have waited years for this to step up to the plate, put your money where your mouth is and otherwise help me to mix metaphors by placing your order TODAY, or within the next 10 days. I will post two more reminders. I hope we make the minimum.....we are counting on you more than ever!!

Drop me a note with your size and your preference for shirt style and I will send you billing information (yes, you have to pay in advance). IMPORTANT: only the Solar Flex shirt will have the image printed large on the back, as is usual for Striperfest, the Bluewater shirt will only have a small version printed on the chest (very classy and necessary given the shirts design).

Links to shirt styles. Prices listed:

Solar Flex Shirt LT Green (Retail $49.95) Logo on the Back

Blue Water Shirt Grey: ($69.95) Logo on the front Chest

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