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Posted by Henry Will on 2010-09-23 11:06:34 in reply to Letter from Blackville and Canada air update posted by chris miller on 2010-09-21 19:10:09

Hey Chris,

The Miramichi is one very special watershed. Despite record low water levels and the recent rains/spate...I hope you had some prime "visuals" going on. Nothing like swinging a fly through a crystal-clear pool with 200 or so adults hanging in the current like Vultures soaring in a thermal (water so clear that you can count the spots on their backs). The hairs on the back of your neck "prickle" every time a good fish zero's in on your skated bomber pattern only to refuse it at the last second. When the "take" finally's almost surreal!'re never ready for've cast too many times!...

...but then again...there's always 199 more fish in the pool to tease...he he!!!

To me; it's the "game" and just "being there!" that counts.

Congrats! to you for bringing to hand 3 fish your first day. A fine accomplishment to say the least.

Finest regards and good fishing...

Henry Will
Oshawa, Ontario

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