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Posted by Honolulu Gator on 2010-09-23 09:21:32 in reply to Thanks Gator posted by Scott V on 2010-09-22 16:03:21

The 9 is helpful for the typical tradewinds, but not absolutely necessary.

An interesting thing about bonefishing in Hawaii is that there is very little current on the flats (compared to Florida/Bahamas), so the only current you have is from the wind. Therefore, bonefish generally feed into the wind, meaning that with the wind at your back, you are generally casting with the wind.

I'll carry a 7 on an average wind day, or an 8, and find that for most fish I see, that is fine. Of course for the fish that pops up way to the side or behind you, the 9 would be handy. Or if you like to do a lot of blindcasting (grrrrrr......)

By the way... although I stick with my 5/7/8 lineup, most guys in Hawaii use an 8 or 9...

Dan Hall

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