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Posted by Chris Q on 2010-09-22 22:28:10 in reply to TSA and gas cartridges posted by Ralph on 2010-09-22 16:30:40

Those are the current rules, and I have brought my SOSpenders with a spare cartridge in my checked luggage several times on flights between the east and west coast. I have had no problems, but last October (coming back from Long Island) my buddy who owns the exact same PFD was called out of the TSA security line to the X-ray station, where they told him that he could not check his CO2 cartridges (either the spare of the cartridge attached to the PFD) in his luggage, they gave him the PFD and made him take the CO2 cartridge off the PFD and dispose of them.

The funny thing was that I had run my checked bag with the same model of PFD and one spare cartridge through the exact same station about two minutes before he did. MIne made it through; his was stopped. Go figure! Maybe the guy that scanned mine went on break, or maybe a supervisor was looking over the techs shoulder.

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