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Posted by chris miller on 2010-09-21 19:10:09

Back Sunday from semi-annual pilgrimage to New Brusnwick in search of the elusive Atlantic Salmon. It is interesting to spend resources to fish for something that does not feed where you are fishing for it and is "commercially extinct".

And as a long time resident South Florida flats fisherman, I cast more times the first day than I have all year sightfishing permit, tarpon and bonefish (on second thought, maybe I did make a bunch of tarpon casts) back home here. My arm is damn sore.

We were blessed with rains before the trip, which brought the Miramichi up, but like the currently economy, up only from an extremely low base. The members said August saw the lowest river in 40 years.

I caught a Salmon in the first 5 minutes of fishing the first day. I caught another 45 minutes later, and another later that afternoon. I missed a 4th fish late that day. I fished 2 more days and didn't catch another. My fishing buddy caught his first, a nice bright 12 lber, and a few more were caught by other members.

I must say that every time I do it, I am mesmerized by swinging flies, and while non-anglers may marvel at our patience, its completely engrossing and addicting to all anglers. Hooking and landing one of these fish also makes the effort a pleasure.

I had to clear out as all my friends were getting ready for moose season, a 3 day hunt that consumes weeks of preparation. Good to be in Canada with friendly folk and feeling the fall chill, and most of all catching such an elusive prize.

PS>>>I emailed CATSA about bringing reels with line on board, and I have copied and pasted their response

"Transport Canada’s regulations do not permit sharp or penetrating objects in carry-on baggage. Fishing rods or poles (without hooks) are permitted as carry-on baggage, while fishing rods or poles with hooks must be carried as checked baggage. Fishing tackle (e.g. reels and lines) are permitted in carry-on baggage. As with all items in your possession, your fishing equipment will need to be screened."

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