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Posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-09-21 17:07:48 in reply to really getting down posted by dave y on 2010-09-21 16:51:09

Generally, you can catch fish as deep as 80 feet with standard cast and retrieve fishing using a weighted fly, fast sink head and monofiliment shooting line. You have to give it a two minute count down assuming you have little to no current. Adding ultra heavy weight eyes to your clouser will help.

As for your specific rock fish fishing situation, you generally needn't worry as much about getting down to the fish as getting the fish to come up to you. Fast fishing at the top of the school will generally draw the whole gang up. When that happens, fish shallower and shallower until you needn't count down at all. Certain species hug the bottom but I know blacks will come up, especially in low light and on foggy days. Chum can help keep them up but it's generally not needed.

If you want to "cheater" fish, roll cast the head and pile the mono shooting line on it as it sinks. Count it way down and you can even pull more running line off the reel to get 100 to 200 feet of line out........but this is BORING and I personally don't think it's an efficient use of the fly rod! When you resort to this, you are going for novelty points and after you do that once, the proper next step is to either try to draw the school up or switch back to the gear rod and put the fly rod away.


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