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Posted by GES on 2010-09-21 17:06:07 in reply to really getting down posted by dave y on 2010-09-21 16:51:09

I haven't gone any deeper than 300 feet for Yellowtail.

100 feet would be a breeze.

Need weight and then more weight. 600-1000 grains out of lead core if possible (I roll my own).

Then 25-30# mono running line. Cast as far as you can down wind (drift), and let it sink. Clousers or other weighted flies; patterns that move a lot of water but don't have too much drag to stop them sinking (Whistlers work great).

I wait till I am straight over the straight down line, and then strip in a bit; but not too much. If I don't get a grab, I let it sink again while taking ups some slack on the spool. Then strip some more and repeat, until eventually you get bit. You don't want to strip in 100 ft of mono and then get bit.


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