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Posted by GES on 2010-09-21 12:49:21 in reply to Re: Carry On Snorkelling ? posted by Nick Auyong on 2010-09-21 10:27:20

Well If you thought Imelda Marcos was the shoe queen; you ain't seen nothin'.

So I already checked that she has a sacrificial pair. She has to take a closed pair of shoes anyway, since you can't go to the Arizona Memorial dressed like a slob. I'm glad that some places still have some standards.

No we haven't been to the islands before; well hell I came from the islands, at the other end of Polynesia.

Unfortunately, I gave away my Nikonos IV to my daughter who's an avid scuba freak; and I'm not sure I know where you can take film any more. So far I haven't seen a P&S underwater digital I owuld buy yet; so I may have to get the very expensive custom case that goes with one of my Panasonic Lumix Cameras. They have a waterproof camera but I'm not too impressed with it for the price.


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