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Posted by Bill Martin on 2010-09-20 21:45:39 in reply to Re: Delta fishing 9-17-10**Bill** posted by Marty Kjelson on 2010-09-20 11:51:05

I feel pretty safe everywhere. I've had to cross Franks in some pretty bad chop & wind, and I was all worried about it, but it wasn't that big a problem. Of course I think I'm a little more conservative now.

I love Sherman Island area but wind can be a real problem there.

Generally I'd suggest looking for areas where there are lots of connecting sloughs & cuts, esp. going different directions. That way there is probably some sheltered water you can fish if the wind gets strong.

But mostly I decide where to go based on tidal action. Ideal is to launch into a tide that takes you along - whether in or out - then turns in midday % takes you back to the launch point and all you have to do is position the boat to cast. You cover lots of water & you're fishing nearly the whole time.

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