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Posted by GES on 2010-09-20 10:53:35 in reply to Re: Need suggestions for getting my line to sink faster posted by Angel on 2010-09-19 18:32:54

Say Angel,

there's onlyt TWO possible ways to get the running line to sink faster; short of changing the laws of physics and chemistry.

First is to make the running line thinner (smaller diameter) and second is to make the running line denser (heavier).

there's a practiacal difficulty iwth making the running line heavier. The reason you have a "running" or "shooting" line rather than a regular flyline, is you want to get more casting distance easier. Well weight in the shooting line simply works against casting a long distance.

Casting a regular "Shooting head" on the end of a runningh or shooting line is just the exact opposite of firing a rocket.

When you fire a rocket, you burn up the on board fuel so the rocket gets lighter and lighter. To compensate for the loss of mass, the velocity of the rocket has to increase to conserve the momentum.

When you make a cast with a shooting head, and a pile of running line on the ground, as the head moves out, it keeps on picking up mass in the form of the shooting line on the ground and the total launched momentum has to be shared over a n ever increasing mass, of line, so the velocity has to drop.

So the ideal shooting line would have zero mass, so it didn't lug down your distance cast.

so the only practical way to get your running line to sink faster, is to make it thinner as in some sort of monofilament.


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