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Posted by Michael Schweit on 2010-09-19 11:06:21 in reply to Re: Tuna time in San Diego posted by Glenn on 2010-09-19 09:31:35

Glenn, all the lines are sinking variety. Sink tip, full sink. The full sinks are LC-13 (390 grains) up to 650 Rio integrated. Some use shooting heads with Amnesia or Slickshooter. Backing is GSP or Dacron in at least 50 to help prevent cutoffs with the conventional guys. Leaders are straight 20#, about 6'. Most of this is roll casting away from the boat and letting it drift down. You can cast if you are good in the wind with heavy lines and standing at the bow with a 3' railing. I have thrown floating shooting heads when the wind has dropped and not used a tapered leader. Fishing is done one of two ways. Line in a bucket at the stern, waiting for a jog strike or kelp patty. After that, if on a school of fish, we deep soak off the windward side. Stripped line is dropped in the water. Works really well until someone uses the loo. Eww, poo. We have never had a tangle between anglers and it is fairly simple to guide the line off the water when you get hook-ed up. Read Gary Graham's article in Southwest Fly fishing magazine July/August.

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