Tuna time in San Diego

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Posted by Michael Schweit on 2010-09-18 20:30:58

We just finished off the last of this year's 2 day trips out of San Diego. The trip in August was not even worth the pixels to write about. This one was slightly better. The water has finally stayed warm but all the fish are concentrated on the Hidden Bank and it is only ~40 miles from San Diego. So anything that floats is out there and the fish are acting freaky with so much boat traffic. Lots of meter marks but when they do not want to play, there is nothing you can do.
Monday we got into them around 7 and they stayed with us until 11. All told, we boated 31 yft and a few albies. As this is a combination trip, most came on bait but the fly rodders held their own. Especially Kevin Green. He ties lots of flies and loves to experiment. He had a sparsely tied olive/white Clouser and the fish loved it. He was selling them to us for 5.00 each on Monday and 1500.00 a dozen on Tuesday. But I get ahead of myself. He would land one fish, get back in the water and hook up again. All while we did the deep soak and fast strip and exercised out arms. I got mine with the very sophisticated method of letting out the shooting head and Amnesia and standing there. The motion of the boat, along with it's drift, was all the was necessary to fool my yellowfin.
Tuesday was a dead day. Trolled all day long, brailled bait on every mark and watched for boils. None. But at 3 pm, almost time to head for the barn, they changed their mind. The same scoop of chum that elicited no response all day now brought up a frothing, crashing ocean. An hour of fishing brought in 38 (this is all with 15 anglers on board) mix of albacore, yellowfin and skip jack.
So never give up and bring as many salt water streamers as you bring caddis patterns to the stream. You never know.

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