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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-18 20:09:32 in reply to Re: Sellers-n-Cali posted by Dave Sellers on 2010-09-18 12:19:01

Hey Dave,

I just finished reading your article and I'm not blowing smoke when I say how much I enjoyed reading it. It was superbly written in a "story narrative" with all the required "how-to's and wheres" mixed in with your exciting and fun-filled anecdotes. I've fished Powell way back in the 70s but experienced nothing like you and Steve did. I do recall Frank Bertaina and Pete Valconesi telling of their great experience fly-fishing for stripers on Lake Powell several years ago. They raised some local eyebrows too.

Your piece has got me all fired up to make the trip there again - maybe rent a house boat and follow a plan like the one you and Steve pursued, hopefully with as much good luck as you both had; although I know it wasn't all luck. Frank was right - "Just go, you'll know what to do!".

Thanks for a very interesting and well written article.


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