Delta fishing 9-17-10

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Posted by Angel on 2010-09-18 14:27:03

Not bad of a day!On the water by 6:30am and off by 2:30pm. I ran into a nice school at about 6:50am and pulled out half a dozen 3-4 lbers and one 6lbers along with some shakers.After that I did a little scouting and found a 5lber with another half dozen 3-4.The high light of the day was a big striper(never saw) that I locked up with that popped my 20lb leader!!. This was the 1st time that I've ever had a fish on the reel and fought for some time before it popped!!. I started thinking after that thats why some people choose to use 9wts. I have a very stiff 8wt but I think that it would have been a little easier with a 9.It was a good day untill the wind kicked up because after that fishing went straight down hill.

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