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Posted by Capt. Rodman Hunter on 2010-09-17 15:51:12 in reply to anyweight champion? posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2010-09-17 13:48:32


on the bays and backcountry waters,
strongest: my 1st vote is for Jack-Cravelle, 2nd is Cubera Snapper

observation: (many anglers have asked us why the above species being the strongest are under rated and placed into the shamely "Trash Can Slam"???, why not into the "G-Slam"!!
in our opinion, it all comes down to technique and this in both ways, as a Guide and as an Angler,??
10 Jacks, Snappers, cudas,etc, will haul into your vessel asking for a meal and they will jump over your offering before you even thought about it!!,
with the G-Slam species, you'll mostly spook them even before you start moving your rod!!!, that's what seperates the quality from the quantity

weakest: i have to second Dan, the Seatrout 1st, Snook 2nd.

in Off-shore waters:
my 1st bet for hardest fight is White Marlin, 2nd Amberjacks

weakest: Barracudas and Mackerels

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