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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2010-09-17 13:09:29 in reply to Re: Albiesssss-'strip & slip' posted by Steve R on 2010-09-17 11:25:43


It's not my maneuver. I learned it from Atwin King while shad fishing on the American River a few years ago. Wading-fishing for American shad (or anything) can put you in a "high-sticking" situation if you don't beach your fish. I saw several rods broken over the season (from boats too) because of high-sticking - trying to reach the leader by drawing the rod tip back over the shoulder, past vertical, while under full pressure. This becomes even more likely to happen with modern, thin-walled, carbon rods that lack the "hoop strength" of glass or composite rods.

Well, while in the line-up I was grumbling about trying to land a fish without high-sticking and Atwin, who was standing next to me, showed me what he called the "Strip & Slip" technique to bring the leader to hand without having to high-stick under pressure. I was astounded at how brilliant and simple the maneuver was and asked him to show it to me again. Wow! it was the answer. Later he showed it to Lefty kreh (Lefty had never seen it done before) and Lefty admonished him for not showing him how to do it a decade earlier.

Anyhow, this is what you do: If hand-stripping in a fish, once the fish is to the surface and the leader is ready to be grabbed, you start drawing the fish toward your hand, line pinched under the stripping finger against the rod grip, and just before you reach vertical (or sooner), you instantly release the line, drawing the rod tip back over your shoulder but under no tension. The line and leader remaining outside the rod tip will drop right against your chest or into your hand and Bingo, you've got the leader without risking the rod tip.

If playing the fish off the reel, when ready, pinch the line against the grip, pull off several feet of line from the reel and repeat the maneuver.

If you want the guide to grab the leader, you just do everything the same except that you direct the rod tip toward the guide the instant you release the line.

I've never worried since about having to high-stick a rod since; and I've showed all my clients (who usually use my gear) how to do the "Strip & Slip" to avoid breaking my (and their) rods.

I hope this explains how to do it. With a little practice it will become second nature.


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