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Posted by Mike Leed on 2010-09-16 15:32:39 in reply to Re: Flies for big Yucatan snook? posted by TSC on 2010-09-16 05:00:33


Playa Blanca is a great place I was just there this past June. The advice Dan has given is spot on with regards to having a fly that has considerable hang time. You will most likely be fishing Rivers 4,5 & 6 which are at the very southern end of ES. I have to second the mention on the EP flies. My favorite is the EP Floating minnow in the Ghost, Everglades Special and Charteuse and White. The beauty of this design is that it has three foam discs in the top of the fly between the EP fibers. Keep a pair of scissors with you and you can adjust not only the size of the fly but trim the foam discs smaller to adjust for sink rate as well. I have found that being able to adjust sink rate on the fly is really helpful. You may need it to get down when fising the holes and other times you want it right on top and in their face in 1ft of water. Otherpatterns that were great down there for me were the St. Alfonzo and the Rivet in Tan, Yellow Chartruse and Black/Purple. Again these patterns can be tuned in the field for sink rate be plucking some deeer hair from the fly to get down. Of course the Taron you will run into will also play well with these flies.

One last piece of advice is always have your Permit stick rigged and ready to go. I had a huge 35lb fish cruise up behind me on the incoming tide while fishing against those beautiful white mangroves for snook. I played cat a mouse with her until I had leader in my rod tip but would not have even had that opportunnity if my rod was not ready with line stipped out ready to go. My heart beats faster just thinking about it. Have a great time!


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