DFG knew of pond draining in fish kill, Chevron involved

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Posted by JerryInLodi on 2010-09-15 12:18:31

from CFN, http://www.calfish.net

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Initial Fish Kill information released by DFG

CFN reported this kill last week and was promised contact with the DFG people investigating the incident. Captain Mark Lucero, DFG supervising warden was called numerous times on Monday and CFN's phone number was left twice with no return call. When CFN first reported the incident, it was claimed that DFG had been notified of the draining of the pond by the person reporting. The incident was also reported to be connected with the Chevron Corporation. It appears that the person reporting the incident was correct in both statements. If DFG was notified prior to the pond's draining, why was there no effort to save the fish? Is this another DFG screw up? We know from Prospect Island that many anglers are willing to help in a fish rescue. Why wasn't the public notified. Why weren't CFN's phone calls returned. Disgusted. Ed.

Hundreds of fish in Solano County pond die

The Associated Press
September 14, 2010 -- FAIRFIELD, Calif.—State wildlife officials are investigating the deaths of 1,500 fish after a pond in Solano County was drained by a contractor working for Chevron.

California Department of Fish and Game spokeswoman Carol Singleton says the fish kill in a duck pond along northern Honker Bay was reported to authorities late last week. More... San Jose Mercury News

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