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Posted by Steve P. on 2010-09-14 08:09:33 in reply to Puglisi Flies posted by Dale M on 2010-09-13 22:00:10


Puglisi uses a cauterizer to make a hole in the fibers and cuts
posts of his eyes to stubs as Charlie suggested. and uses
Zap A Dappa Goo (Zap Goo) as the adhesive.

You can watch him tie the gray white EP Peanut Butter in great detail in a free sample
video on his site ( --> Videos --> Sample Video
EP Peanut Butter):

He has also posted several tying tips and materials videos on youtube - search for "epfliesvideos".

For $20, you can get 1 year access to all of the tying videos on his site. He
adds a new one every 2 months.

Steve P.

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