Galveston Island?

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Posted by Shems Jud on 2010-09-13 13:39:20

I made a post a few weeks back asking for input on the best location for a company retreat with the options of Destin, Galveston, or New Orleans. I received some great input from this board, but was overruled and we will be having our retreat on Galveston Island.

Now that the location is locked in, I have two more questions. What can I expect to catch and what flies should I throw on the gulf side of Galveston Island DIY? It looks like there is decent access to beach and seawall, but I could be mistaken.
My second question is whether there are any great guides that I should be sure to hook up with if I stick around for a day or two after the event. I'd be willing to travel a bit or do offshore as well. An internet search didn't turn up much direct fly fishing info or guides on the Galveston Bay Complex.

Thanks for any input!

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