Fish Kill Confirmed

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Posted by JerryInLodi on 2010-09-13 11:44:55

...from today's CFN (Look down the BB for the original posting on the fish kill. The original story, including photos ran on CFN and Dan Bacher did a followup story

Fish Kill Confirmed

September 13, 2010 -- DFG confirms that a fish kill, as reported by CFN, did occur in the vicinity of Pittsburg. Since the kill is still under investigation, details of the incident cannot be shared at this time.

However, the investigating wardens did indicate that it is a very complex investigation and to date, have conducted several interviews, collected photographic evidence, and flew overflight missions to aid in their investigation. Since additional evidence collection is required, that is the only information that can be shared at this time. Additional information will be forthcoming when it does not jeopardize the investigation.

Throughout the investigation, DFG staff has been generous in their thanks to CFN readers for their patience and those that provided the information on the kill. They encourage all anglers, should they see something suspicious, to use CalTIP (1-DFG-CalTIP) to report the incident. While a name is not required, the help of the person observing the incident can make the difference as it did in this situation where the location of the kill was not previously known.

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