Tulare Lake ?

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Posted by GES on 2010-09-13 10:06:17

Well I saw a piece on TV last night showing that Tulare Lake is back. It used to be the largest Lake West of the Mississippi (area) over 760 squ miles. The deepest part was south of Hiway 198 near Hanford and Lemoore; also near Corcoran.

The lake went dry in 1898 largely as a result of using the water for agriculture irrigation; and they also drained some of it down the San Joachin into SF Bay, so they couod get the farmland; and it has been farmland since save for some short floodings.

Well for some reason; Wetter weather or more snow melt runoff, the lake is now partly back and is already over 100 squ miles in area; drowning a lot of farmland and roads. It is big enough that you can stand on one shore of the lake on a drowned road, and you can't see the other shore of the lake. Just to the left in that view; you can see the palm trees and stuff at the Harris Ranch on 198 at Hiway-5.

Apparently it already has bass in it from runoff from local reservoirs and streams.


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