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Posted by Mike McKenzie on 2010-09-12 00:07:09 in reply to Re: Can We Save Our Striped Bass? posted by Wj on 2010-09-08 11:01:03

I quote from the post above by Wj...

"I am not for the eradication of stripers but what evidence is their that they have lived in balance with salmonids? How can humans be an accurate judge of that in so little time?"

Well, consider that for the first 50 years of their existence in the Bay-Delta system striped bass and salmon populations were very healthy. The Shasta and Friant Dams were built and salmon populations began their slow decline..which speeded up with the federal export pumps going on line in the mid to late 1950's and followed by the state water project pumps going on line in the late 1960's

Further consider this..the rapid recovery of winter-run salmon from a few hundred adults in 1943-45 (many of which did not spawn successfully because of adverse conditions created by construction of Shasta Dam) to at least tens of thousands in Jan-Feb 1949 (Daniel W. Slater, 1963, Special Scientific Report Fisheries No. 461) might be considered evidence of an inconsequential impact of striped bass. This increase in winter-run salmon abundance occurred despite a striped bass population that was undoubtedly much more abundant than at present, as it was unconstrained by losses to State and Federal Water Project diversions from its Delta nursery.

Consider also that both salmon and striped bass populations have declined in almost lock step with the rapid increase in water exports over the last 10 years...

Consider the fact that there is no science to support any argument that striped bass predation has a population level effect on any of the listed salmonid species in the Bay Delta system....while predation on hatchery smolts is well documented, (you can't blame fish-eating fish for doing what comes naturally when they get fed fish!) it has nothing to do with listed species populations...


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