Planting Shad?

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Posted by Tony Buzolich on 2010-09-11 20:08:35

We were fishing the west delta yesterday for stripers along a rock wall and we see a tanker truck pull up to a small pier. The driver backs the truck up to a cluster of pipes and attachs the schute from the truck to the main pipe leading underwater. He then waves us over and points to the water. I'm thinking they're dumping salmon smolt but we see no fish as the pipes are underwater. About 100 yards below the pipes sea gulls begin to dive and eat but we can't sea what they're after. We cast for several minutes without a single grab and decide to move. As we get back to the dock where the truck is cleaning up we ask the driver if he was dumping salmon. He says no and that he was from Tracy and he was dumping shad. We couldn't talk much because of the distance and the wind.

I couldn't find any information about the Tracy hatchery or what kind of shad they might be planting and why. Threadfin? To help the wintering stripers?

Anyone have any information about this?

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