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Posted by Adam on 2010-09-11 07:13:02

Been away from the beach during the week of the recent hurricane that swept north, but certainly boiled up the waters down here. Well, it seems that things have died down and the bait fish are back. Was on the shore yesterday and not only were the bait fish there, but so were the snook. This time I was ready, a mess of flies and 20# fluro shock tippet. Within two hours of fishing, I must have cast to possibly 50-75 different snook. Blind casting was out of the question as there were too many good shots at sighted fish to waste time blind casting.

I actually was making very good casts, and most of the fish were actually either ignoring the flies or following and not taking. I was changing flies furriously in an effort to find just what would entice these lock-jawed fish. Anyway, I got lucky on three occasions. The first two were break-offs due to a 20# shock tippet. The one I did land, was on a 50# fluro - didn't have anything smaller. Personally, I don't think it was the shock tippet that casued the few takes, but rather the flies or my striping technique, or the fishs' pickiness with all the bait around. Anyway, being able to throw at so many sighted fish within two hours was world class fishing, IMO; and, I had a blast.

Today looks great with high tide at 1pm. I'll be out there again from 11am to 3pm. Hopefully, I'll continue to learn a little more on how to fish these fish and increase the take percentage.

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