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Posted by Blane on 2010-09-09 13:14:26 in reply to Re: Unconfirmed fish kill at Pittsburg Chevron, photos posted by JerryInLodi on 2010-09-08 18:30:37

posted on another board...could this be the same location?

"With the salmon so dismal and the offshore tuna situation sketchy, I turned my attention to working at my duck club in Suisun...and it worked out to be the best fishing I have had in years! A formerly open-to-the Bay larger club had just repaired its' levee, and as they pumped the several-hundred acres back into the Bay, all the stripers from three years of access were concentrated in the deepwater canals on the edges...suffice it to say, if you threw a plastic swim bait anywhere at all, you were hooked up...I caught and killed 10 fish up to 18 pounds the first week, and caught and released another 30-40 fish ranging between 6 pounds and 15 in a glorious stretch in which I only fished 10-20 minutes a day. Fish on every other cast, sometimes with 3-4 fish rushing the bait. All my fishing buddies who duck hunt got the call from me, and everyone was blown away by size and numbers of fish. Sadly, all the reamining fish will be dead in a couple of weeks as the water level drops---the otters and raccoons are already feasting, and the cormorants cannot choke down the fish due to their size. I saw an area in one of the canals that had 100+ BIG striper carcasses after they got caught behind a tule island and could not find their way to the retreating waters....I would have kept a bunch more fish and put them in a cooler or something filled with water and dumped them into Montezuma Slough, but I was told it was risky from a Fish and Game standpoint....sadly, I will catch and eat enough striper to choke a horse for the next week or so, and then it will be all done...but what action (and fun, except for the soon-to-be-dead striper population) for a few more days...

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