Western Eagle 18 Mods (ATTN: Dan, Stan P, Mike L, WES owners))

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Posted by josh.harmsen on 2010-09-08 13:01:42

Hi All,

Wanted to share some cool mods I made to my Western Eagle 18.

The first is a flexible wash guard for the 1/2 transom. I was getting a lot of spray when running coming off the side of the engine and up from the transducer, waves also lap over in rougher seas or on quick stops. My solution was 12" vinyl strip (~$2 a foot) from TAP plastics. I then cut some 1/8" powered aluminum stock bar from Ace ($8 for 6ft). Fastened it on with marine silicon and SS screws. The result is a very sturdy wash guard. I cut a notch along the vinyl so the hoses, wires can move freely, it also allows the vinyl to flex when the engine turns or if you trim it all the way up.

The second mod was a home made bilge hatch, made of 5/8" clear acrylic, used the dimensions of the stock hatch and routed in a lip for a good seal. I used nickel window draws to secure it, gives a very snug, water tight hatch, that allows you to see through if you do get water in the bilge.

With this system you can leave drain plugs out of the ball scuppers and just let them do their job! Water won't leak into the bilge through the old plastic hatch!



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