Outstanding Yellowfin Tuna Catch on Fly - San Diego's Hidden Bank

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Posted by John Loo on 2010-09-07 17:38:22

Randy Norris of Riverside fished the Hidden Bank on Monday from his boat "Clouserhead II", and managed to land a 40lb class yellowfin tuna on fly (see photo 1).

The fish hit a Larry's Minnow fished deep on a sinking line and a 20lb fluorocarbon leader. Randy was drift fishing with a chunk stream to help attract the fish to the boat.

Randy actually hooked 6 fish for the day using this technique, and managed to land two.

On the previous day (Sunday), Randy fished with Jon Nakano, who also managed to catch a nice yellowfin on the fly. His fish weighted in the low 30s (see photo 2).

Randy reported seeing a lot of fish on the meter over the Hidden Bank, but conventional trolling and bait techniques did not seem to do very well.

Congratulations to Randy and Jon for their outstanding catches in what has otherwise been a dismal fly-fishing season offshore!

If we can get some stable weather, the tuna should stay stacked up on the Hidden Bank. The water is still relatively warm (67-68 degrees), and there's still plenty of bait.

BTW, I am still planning on holding the TYD tournament his Saturday, if I can get enough people registered. See:


I am holding registration open until noon Thursday, but you would be doing my blood pressure a big service if you sign up sooner.

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