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Posted by Craig Smith on 2010-09-06 21:35:55 in reply to Re: Ross Saltwater V posted by Jim Williams on 2010-09-06 09:02:55

The GS series had a full frame and no holes in the spool. the Saltwater series and the GS appear to have the same drag.

I have a Saltwater V. Max drag straight off the reel, fully spooled with backing and line, is about 1.75 lbs on my example. It is about 2.5lbs with all of the line and about 50 yards of backing pulled off.

I have used this reel for yellowfin and albacore tuna up to 30lbs, as well as permit (Australian) and trevally. I know people that have used these for sailfish, striped marlin, and 100lb tarpon. I have not personally used this reel for fish this size and there are many many better choices available today.

When I first acquired this reel I did so for its large diameter and the ability to take up line. Today, this reel has been superseded for heavyweight work in my arsenal by some Abel and TFO Terry Hayden reels. I still use it sometimes for southern California inshore fishing situations where I do not need a heavy drag on a 10wt. rod. The reel is light enough that I have even used it with a 9wt rod on a couple of occasions.

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