Repairing Old Simms Guides Waders..Popeye legs

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Posted by Mark on 2010-09-06 19:15:49

I have just purchased a basically never used pair of original Simms Gortex Guides Classic...circa 1999. I had a pair of these until they were 50% Aquaseal patches. I finally gave up on Simms and switched to Baileys Guides..I had wonderful wear from them until the last three years, all three replacements developed leaks in two to three weeks. Bailey's obviously had a problem and they now seem to be switching suppliers, as I have been waiting for a new pair for over two months. So....I bought the Guide Classics on eBay for a backup( I am currently using an old pair of original Baileys that do not leak much)...but Steelhead are bekoning and the water gets cold in October. Anyway, my first pair of Simms,would get water trapped in between layers, and I would often come out of a fast moving river, with two quarts of water in between the layers. I looked like Popeye at times. My recently purchased Simms exhibit the same problem. There is a "drain hole" at the bottom of each leg, that I am tempted to seal with Aquaseal, although I seem to remember that Simms would repair them by inserting some heat tape into the leg to keep it from expanding too much.

Anyone have this problem a decade back and does it hurt to seal off the "drain flaps"

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