Kids and stripers over the weekend

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Posted by Wayne S. on 2010-09-06 17:44:30

I wanted to share a proud papa's fishing trip with my 8 year old boys on the delta this weekend. It was their first attempt at throwing sinking lines with fly rod and they did very well. They were rigged with a 350gr. and 275 gr. heads on stiff 7 weight rods. They can cast a 3 wt rod with floating line really well but this was a huge jump for them. They SURPRISED ME with how well they did.
We found lots of dinks and schoolies through out the 2 days there and for 8 year olds, that was just the ticket. Lots of action. They really enjoyed themselves but I must admit I think I was more excited and probably acted more like a kid than they did. With them able to cast sinking lines, it opens up a lot more possibilities in fly fishing.
This is a short video of Michael casting the 350gr. head:
This is Michael casting and getting a fish:
This one is of Matthew:
Matthew again with nice delta schoolie:

They hooked lots of fish but only a hand full of "keepers". We kept 3 fish for the dinner table.

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