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Posted by steve schullery on 2010-09-06 10:39:25 in reply to Re: mono and knot question posted by Morsie on 2010-09-06 02:41:04

"... Then when i pull it tight I only ever pull the monofilament, never the fly line. ..."

Thanks for the advice but I don't understand this part; how can you pull on just one end? Do you mean tighten by pulling on both the tag and standing ends of the mono? If so, aren't you asking for a surprise the first time a big fish, or--more likely--a heavy snag, forces the issue of pulling on the fly line?

I have been using more wraps of the lighter tippet when using blood knots. Again, the problem is not with the knot coming undone; it's with the line breaking next to the knot.



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