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Posted by Jim Williams on 2010-09-06 09:02:55 in reply to Re: Ross Saltwater V posted by Greg K on 2010-09-06 03:12:52

The two Ross reels intended for saltwater use before the Canyon series were the S-Series, which I don't think included a #5, and the GS (Gunnison Saltwater) which was later renamed Saltwater and did include a #5. I've used both though it was a long time ago. My recollections are that neither had a drag that was suitable for strong saltwater fish. My S-Series was a #3 and capacity-wise it was a 9/10 weight reel in my opinion. It's top-end drag was barely adequate for anything normally tackled with a ten, and in this case that doesn't include tarpon. The little tiny drag adjustment on the edge of the backplate (which was surrounded with a shroud for protection) made adjusting the drag difficult and just didn't provide much range at all. The GS (later Saltwater) was better, but my GS (which was either a #4 or #5) still was not a tarpon reel in my opinion. Actually, its best use for me was as one of my early speyreels, though I later figured out it was physically too light to balance the 14'-16' rods popular in the early period of speyfishing in this country. However, even with that long-winded preamble, I still feel that line should not be easily pulled from your reel with the drag full-on. Since Ross is as good as any company in taking care of discontinued models (and way better than some) I would take the advice offered elsewhere on this thread and send it to Ross. They may not be able to create as much drag as your Penn, but I'll bet they'll be able to improve it enough to make it usable in some capacity for you.

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