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Posted by Morsie on 2010-09-06 02:41:04 in reply to mono and knot question posted by steve schullery on 2010-09-03 21:58:35

I think are two things to consider - the number of turns required and how its pulled up.

For example tying a half blood knot - tippet to hook - if its with an 80lb shock tippet 31/2 turns is sufficient, its its a 5X tippet 5 turns is sufficient. This also varies with the stiffness/limpness of the material. I never go more than 5 and never use a locked blood knot.

If you're using the double blood to join monos of different diameters again you have to vary the number of turns, always fewer turns in the heavier section, say 4 and 5 in the lighter - that way it will slide up tight. Personally I prefer the triple turn surgeons.

With the blood knots NEVER pull the tags to tighten, only the standing part.

Same with the nail knot. I get the wraps aligned and settled into place by pushing it up with my thumbnails then by rolling it between thumb and forefinger. Then when i pull it tight I only ever pull the monofilament, never the fly line. This tightens it down like a seizing whereas pulling the line and either the tag or the standing part tightens down one end of the knot unevenly and this single wrap on the end of the knot cuts into the fly line and that's what strips off the coating.

And yep, always tighten down fully.


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