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Posted by Ed Kunze on 2010-09-05 19:40:01 in reply to Ross Saltwater V posted by Greg K on 2010-09-05 04:30:46

Assuming you have a salt water Canyon 5, because you are comparing it to a Penn 4 drag system, the small ball bearing in the drag washer can get out of its seat. This is a very small ball bearing.
After experiencing this same problem, I sent my Canyon 6 back to the factory. After a few fishing trips later I have a reel where I cannot change the drag at all. I am a bit upset about this, however the drag is in the perfect situation for a 16 pound tippet, and I have plenty of backing, so I have been trying to live with it.
The Penn 4 drag system is a completely different situation. There is no comparison at all. I believe Penn no longer makes the reel, but it is bullet proof, albeit heavy. The Penn 4 was not made to make a lot of casts a day, as the Ross 5 was.
Even so, comparing a Penn 4 to a Ross 5 is not correct. You are comparing a Penn 12wt reel to a Ross 8/9 wt. reel.
My guess is the ball bearing slipped out and has limited your drag abilities.

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