Westside Biscayne Fat Boy

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Posted by ray hafsten on 2010-09-05 16:40:42

Just got back from a short bonefish trip to Biscayne...weather dead calm..fished out of Cordell's 14 foot flat bottomed, square stern canoe with him on the pole. Two days one fish...my biggest bonefish...8wt Xi3 blank, Shamburg Titanium seat, recoil snakes, 20 and 16 fuji gold cermet single foot strippers. Cortland 8wt Crystal tropic. Cordell jumped in the Bay and walked the Fat Boy like a tired Tarpon...great place no sharks. Whilst this method of bonefishing given its locale is very wind sensitive...blowing more than 8-9 kts cannot use his canoe but if the conditions are right which they were, this method allows close casting to large bonefish e.g. 40-60 feet in dead calm conditions...lastly NO sliced and diced shrimp/crab chum.

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