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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2010-09-05 16:02:26 in reply to mono and knot question posted by steve schullery on 2010-09-03 21:58:35

Steve I am a far cry from being a knot expert but Lefty is and he says most knots that break slip first. I too love the nail knot and use it a lot. When I tie a nail knot i use the following technique for tightening it down. I think I learned this from Flip. Once the wraps are complete begin pulling the lines apart slowly until the knot is line up for snugging down. Once this is done and the knot is moistened complete the closing of the knot with a single... constant rapid movement. The knot will close all the way. Try this. It works for me and i can't recall the last one that failed. Best of luck

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