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Posted by Paul P on 2010-09-05 14:29:55 in reply to Ross Saltwater V posted by Greg K on 2010-09-05 04:30:46

Sounds like you need to have the discs replaced. Cause could be, either they got smoked (doubtful)or the reel was stored with the drag clamped down (easily done).

You can look at the Ross site and see what the max. drag should be, if it doesn't approach that(use a scale)then it needs replacing. Check if you can do it or a authorized repair shop is needed or if it needs a trip home to Ross USA.

I had the same problem with a Penn took one trip to the repair shop(no luck) and one trip back to Penn. I had the reel given to me, so a $75 repair charge and I got a basically new Penn made a good deal.

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