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Posted by Stan on 2010-09-05 13:10:17 in reply to Long Island Surf - October posted by Carl Applegate on 2010-09-04 10:12:42

Here are 2 places I usually go when fishing the surf in the western part of LI.

1. Point Lookout Town Park
This park is for free at that time of the year. You will find 3 big walkable jetties (korkers needed) you can also fish the Jones Inlet outflow where you might get lucky and hook into some albies. You will also find a large walkable beach.

2. Long Beach

You will easily find parking on the streets all along Long Beach. You will find lots of small jetties all along this area. You can easily catch plenty of stripers and bluefish along the sides of any of these jetties. You will just have to walk and find which jetty is holding the fish.

Maybe I will run into you if you do decide to fish these locations.

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