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Posted by Noel de Guzman on 2010-09-05 11:20:50 in reply to Can We Save Our Striped Bass? posted by Marty Seldon on 2010-09-04 13:49:27

Why should we?

Because, if worse comes to worse and the DFG looses, hooking a west coast striped bass in any of California's water bodies will be hard to come by, even by some of the great fisherman who frequent this board. And, after the stripers, the next domino dressed as a large mouth, will easily fall ...

The law suit is imminent, which makes the upcoming 120 or so days so vital. I'm guessing that there should be growing interest and action, and I hope it's in our favor, because, my guess is that the other side is ramping up.

Everyone is a steward and can make the difference when we take it upon ourselves to become active. I appreciate folks like Dan, Mike McKenzie, Marty and the committee putting on the bass tourney, etal, who are making the call to arms.

In addition to what Marty pointed out, here are some easy ways to become active over the next few months.

1) Support the organizations who are at the front lines of the fight, including NCCFFF, CSBA, Restore the Delta ( and California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA, Become a member and/or donate. Donating time or your skillset equally makes a difference.

I'm pretty impressed with what CSPA gets done. Even a quick look at the CSPA website ( will show you how fierce an environmental watch dog organization CSPA really is.

It would be great to see these 501(c)3 organizations grow exponentially in membership and support over the next several months.

2) Go fishing - October 17th 2010, Bethel Island, CA. Enter the black bass tourney which is being organized as a fund-raising event to benefit CSPA and Restore the Delta.

Our very own fishing community, including Bass-N-Fly, Bobby Barrack, some of the local bass clubs and more, is putting this event together. It's great to see growing collaboration from across the angling community.

3) Attend Striperfest '10, Donate a Prize, Enter the raffle - November 6th 2010, Bethel Island, CA.

Striperfest is an important annual fund-raising event whose proceeds are donated in support of fisheries and environmental conservation efforts and youth fly fishing programs. A lion's share of the Striperfest funds goes to support CSPA's part in this DFG lawsuit.

Plus, you stand a great chance of winning a prize that'll make you smile and make others envious. The Striperfest gets donations of top prizes from very generous companies and individuals from across the fly fishing industry. Donating a raffle prize will make a difference too.

4) Chime in and be counted as someone in support of the striped bass and other legally introduced gamefish in California! Voice your opinion; write a letter; sign a petition; send an email; talk to your family, friends and neighbors and spread the word about the cause! Just don't be a spectator for this one.

Stay tuned in as folks like Mike McKenzie are very good at letting us know who needs to hear what when.

And, I don't see any reason why our voice needs to be limited to California voices.

What can happen without our collective, active support?

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