Sage XI2 fighting butt question

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Posted by Loren Elliott on 2010-09-05 02:46:12

Lately I have been working on selling off some of my rods and came across something odd that confuses me...... Attached is a photo of, from left to right, my sage XI2 10, 11, and 12. Both the 10 weight and the 12 weight have a short fighting butt, while the 11 weight in the center has an extended fighting butt that is considerably longer. I don't ever remember reading about this being an optional thing, only remember the fighting grip being an option on the 11 and 12, but this butt isn't just something done on all the bigger rods because the 12 has a butt just like the 10. Was this a change sage made to all their bigger XI2s at some point? Or was this an optional thing? Also is the point just to get the reel farther from your body for reeling or leverage for pulling on a big fish? I am trying to track down an 11 XI2 without the fighting grip, but didn't realize some have this extended butt..... does anyone know any more about this who could shed some light on it for me?

Thanks in advance -Loren

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